The layer of tissue under the serosa (outer lining of some organs and body cavities).

English dictionary of cancer terms . 2015.

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  • subserosa — The layer of connective tissue beneath a serous membrane such as that of the periconeum or pericardium. SYN: tela s. [TA], subserous layer. * * * sub·se·ro·sa .səb sə rō zə n subserous tissue * * * sub·se·ro·sa (sub″sēr oґsə) tela …   Medical dictionary

  • subserosa — |səb+ noun Etymology: New Latin, from sub + serosa : subserous tissue * * * ‖ subserosa Anat. (sʌbsɪəˈrəʊsə) [mod.L. (sc. membrāna): see sub 1 d and cf. next.] Subserous tissue. Billings Nat. Med. Dict. Jrn …   Useful english dictionary

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