A tumor that causes overproduction of gastric acid. It usually occurs in the islet cells of the pancreas but may also occur in the esophagus, stomach, spleen, or lymph nodes.

English dictionary of cancer terms . 2015.

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  • gastrinoma — m. gastrol. Tumor de pequeño tamaño localizado en los islotes de Langerhans del páncreas y en la mucosa del antro pilórico que secreta gastrina. Medical Dictionary. 2011. gastrinoma …   Diccionario médico

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  • gastrinoma — A gastrin secreting tumor associated with the Zollinger Ellison syndrome. * * * gas·tri·no·ma .gas trə nō mə n, pl mas also ma·ta mət ə a tumor that often involves blood vessels, usu. occurs in the pancreas or the wall of the duodenum, and… …   Medical dictionary

  • gastrinoma — n. (Medicine) tumor which usually occurs in the pancreatic islet cells and causes overproduction of the hormone gastrin (can also occur in the stomach, spleen, and lymph nodes) …   English contemporary dictionary

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